Im being denied any service form my administrator so here i am. We (me and the rest of the non adminestrating users) are fed up with the lack of response of our adminestrator. Some of our internet services are being block like chatting, bittornets, ext. :cheesy:

When we try to chat there is a conection failer and the router denies us access.

I tried to use a sniffer to get the router password but with no luck,
Do you know how i can get pass the rouer's password? Or where i can dowload a decent sniffer and how to use it...(i said i tried)

There is about 10 computers online. All have the same problem cuz all work with the same kingston router.

O and we are entiteled to about 1.5GB each but the administrator is only letting 1GB througth for each user. The rest just magicly dissapear:cool:.

default gateway =
Old Kingston router

PLZ we need some help

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How am I supposed to know that you legally own the router? If not, are you not attempting to gain illegal access to the router, or being a "hacker"?

I'm not going to help you break the law, but if you actually own the router, you can usually reset it (setting the admin password back to default) by using a pin in the router's reset hole at the back.


this doesnt work on all routers - some it just reboots them

There's a way to reset nearly every router - sometimes you just have to check in the documentation for details.


The router is the only component running a firewall, and is the only component limiting the amount of gb each port may use. The problem is that I can't get pass the password. And i don't want to reset the router cuz the administrater will have his panties in a twist if i do.

O and for "breaking the law", we have signed a contract giveing each user the right for 1.5GB wich we are currently only getting 1GB the rest is stollen by the administrator.
Sueing the administrator, ha not like it's going to do us any good here in south africa lol. I would be wasting my time.


this 1gb - is it the download cap or the speed cap?

My guess is that it's the speed cap:

O and we are entiteled to about 1.5GB each but the administrator is only letting 1GB througth for each user.

But of course I could be wrong.

And i don't want to reset the router cuz the administrater will have his panties in a twist if i do.

As far as I know, it's pretty hard breaking into a router - you would basically need to find a firmware flaw. But if you can't reset the router without getting in trouble, I don't want to help you.


1gb isn't speed, it's the amount of traffic. In some countries like Russia traffic is still limited, and you pay per meg/month.
the guy says he is supposed to have 1.5gig/month, but what he receives is only 1gb.

I see two solutions:
1. have a talk with the sysadmin, or whoever is responsible for the traffic accounting and limitation
2. make sure it really is 1gb you are getting - there is lots of overhead traffic you don't see if you count your megs by (for instance) summing up the files you downloaded with emule



traffic is capped still on most isps here in the UK

also if the ISP is capping it then cracking the router wont make any difference


well, it's not capped here in Israel :) I mostly tech-support people here, and some in North America and Russia. Thats how I know about Russia :)


No i'm not a hacker but of course there is no way you could tell. It make's no diffrence im still the one pulling on the short side of the string.

I cant download more than 1gb per month althougth we agreed upon 1.5gb(cap per month). I wouldn't have came here if i didn't confronted the administrator already about this matter.

The administrator's router is dening me all of the gb i paid for. The problem is not with the IP but with the administrator's router.

If the matter can not be resolved ill be forced to sue the administrator - wich is going to cost me more than the 0.5gb he is stealing. Either way i lose. I came here seeking a better solution.


If you have physical access to the router, you can change the settings by first resetting the password. Otherwise it's SOL for you, sorry.


correct me if I'm wrong, but a simple cheap router can't have traffic accounting features, and probably there is a pc-based proxy before the router. IMHO


correct me if I'm wrong, but a simple cheap router can't have traffic accounting features, and probably there is a pc-based proxy before the router. IMHO

The word "router" in the context of IT does not actually mean a small little device; in fact a PC could function as a router, too. Thanks for pointing that out.

There's a few of possibilities:

  • Like you mentioned, there might be another machine before the router that limits traffic.
  • The router actually limits the traffic, but the router happens to be a PC and not a small device.
  • The router is using special firmware, such as Linksys (which happens to have open-sourced firmware).

In pretty well every case, it's possible to break in if you actually have physical access. However, you'd have to be a real hacker to access these machines remotely.

I'm not going to offer any suggestions, in fact I wonder why I'm even posting in this thread. Good bye.


actually I'm pretty interested in this thread, since I have a problem of my own with a locked down device.
My company uses a Checkpoint NG based site-to-site VPN with one of the larger branches abroad, and through that VPN link our VOIP boxes work as well. Problem is, the previous admin programmed those boxes, and forgot the password. Everything is working just fine now, but if I have to add extensions or do anything else, I have no access to the VOIP adminpanel. And I really don't want to reset it - too much work re-creating all the previous settings.

Simple dictionary scans gave me nothing, and I don't want to bruteforce the thing - it has to work, and I don't want it to overload and crash.


Im sure there is a way to acces it but the question is how.(without reseting)


yo, is there a way/program to see how many GB you had downloaded and how many of your dowload cap is stlill avalible? (Freeware?)



i mean i can do ram, and bandwidth caluclations but maths like that\ is hard. I only (just) passed my core maths exam !


....um... yea about that link, the only part i dont understand is a ...everything under the heading. Are u sure there arent a downloadable program that can count for u how many mb/gb ur using on the net?

Im not a complete idiot some parts are missing.


actually the math is very simple. use a sniffer to calculate the mtu, and multiply it by the number of packets. the usual ethernet mtu is 1500 bytes.


HTTP bruteforcer out of the question?

AccessDiver or Brutus?

Of course, if he's not giving you what you're entitled too, or indeed have paid for, go to the person next up the chain of command and complain to them.


is it also possible that your .5Gb is being used up in "invisible" traffic, like packet headers and CRC data?


So apparently no one KNOWS how to bypass a routers admin password, even if you have physical access. (which I do.) I dont care if its sneaky, Im tired of not being able to troubleshoot my network problems cuz my landlord is stingy with the admin.

I havent gotten password sniffers to work either, because without admin I dont think I CAN see other IP addressed devices on the network to sniff. Is this the same problem you were having with the sniffers?

This seems like it would be fairly basic knowledge, and useful to have in many situations. SO any knowledgeable person out there, not too paranoid to enlighten us? It would be awesome. Dont be worried about that insider info spreading across the web either, this is a small forum. Pllleeeaaase?


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