Hey everyone,

I have a web server under a dynamic dns (I use dyndns.com to resolve it). I also have created a freedns.afraid.org account to forward the web address to something that looks nicer. The problem is that the specific page of the site does not appear in the url when the freedns.afraid.org cloaking is on. To clarify:

**my dynamic dns***

http://domain.gotdns.com:8080 (i have to use port 8080 cause verizon blocks port 80)

***my freedns.afraid.org web forward settings***

Redirect From: domain.org.org

Redirect To: http://domain.gotdns.com:8080 (cloak checked)

Page Title: (if cloaked): domain.org.org (force dir root NOT checked)

The web forward (domain.org.org) works fine, but when selecting any link on the site (say about.html) the url still reads:

http://domain.org.org NOT http://domain.org.org/about.html

I tired doing this with a mod rewrite but it just caused an infinite redirection loop. Does anyone know a how i could fix this? Or possibly use a rewrite to add the page name to the end of the url?