Is an ISP always connected to an HTTP server or remote pc? I am currently doing a topology for a project and I do not know if I should include something like that. There contains no network addresses that I must assign unto the isp router to server connection, but the requirements do indicate that a public pool of addresses is to be used for Internet connectivity.

It is not stated in the requirements that I should include an HTTP server but based on my previous lab experiments, there is always a something connected on to the ISP that is outside my main network.

Attached is a part of the network I am working on.


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An ISP router doesn't 'connect' you to a specific server. The router is the gateway to the internet by which your internal machines can request a service from a public server.

What kind of lab expriment did you run that 'shows' a server conencted to your router?


We were just implementing basic configurations and ip routes, and also pinging. Basic stuff because we were just starting out.

So I just remove the server then? I am having the feeling that I must.


I would replace that HTTP server with a CLOUD icon and label it "Public Internet". That's what you would usually find in the real world.

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