hey guys. i want to know if it would be possible for someone to see the video of a webcam conversation whether specially if one computer is sharing n internet connection with another person.

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Quick answer. Yes.

All messages sent and received via any type of messenger can be viewed and captured. If you are worried about privacy, you should look into encrypting the conversation.

I would suggest using Pidgin, free [ Download Here ] (used to be called Gaim) - then use the encryption plug-in [ Here ]

Remember: Both parties must use the same messenger and plug-in to ensure encryption.

so is there anyway to know if someone has been spying? I mean are there any signs to look for?

You wont know any signs. Try Googling for Screen Shot Capturing, port scanners and video capture, Key Loggers and Spy Software like Spybuddy.

it is possible, but deciphering video throughput is too much of a hassle to bother with

thanks for the quick replies guys.

so what you are saying is not just anyone can view the video conversation without the appropriate software and knowledge right?


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