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I recently started using Code::Blocks and have written a small program to read in from a file. I think the problem i am having is the file not being found. Where does the IDE search for the file and how would i change this? Can i just input the whole address of the file?
Can post the test code if needed.

try researching this site

See WaltP

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[QUOTE]That was my problem, thanks![/QUOTE]

Not the only one.

[QUOTE]Tell you what -- do a search for this very topic and read the scores of previous suggestions that have been proposed. [/QUOTE]

Would i be allowed to make a comment in those threads or would that be "reviving the dead"?

  1. Better indentation.
  2. Start again.
  3. Can you define a prime number?
  4. (optional) Use a function.

Someone posting a better solution than the one previously posted, followed by an even better solution, etc.. Regardless of their reason for doing so has to be good for the thread and anyone viewing it in future. There is almost always a "better" solution.

Missed that:(

When i'm talking of James Bond i mean Sean Connery. If i was referring to any of the others i would clarify it.

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In your program say i enter the number x=7

in your loop it goes

x(7)%i(2)!=0 so prime == 1
x(7)%i(3)!=0 so prime == 1
x(7)%i(4)!=0 so prime == 1 //needless since it cannot divide by 2
x(7)%i(5)!=0 so prime == 1
x(7)%i(6)!=0 so prime == 1 //same again
x(7)%i(7)==0 so prime == 0

If a number x, is not divisible by 2 then it can't be divisible by anything above x/2
If a number x, is not divisible by 2 or 3 then it can't be divisible by anything above x/3

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Well if you [I]really[/I] want to be French then i wont stop you, but it is not a trivial decision.

Edinburgh is not ENGLAND.

[QUOTE]WRT having to give a reason, I think I'd just put '...' if I couldn't be bothered.[/QUOTE]
Then why be bothered to give an opinion at all?

Okay, my basic point is, i think any critique should be justified(or at least an attempt made to do so).

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I disagree with the idea of upgrading or degrading a poster anonymously without a reason.
If you want to "score" someone on their post, surely you should have to give a reason why you did so.
Do you think anonymous grading is the way to go?

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The Super Bowl is an eighties soap (Dallas) but slightly faster and less interesting.

[QUOTE] Mostly I find old threads cluttering up the forum with nothing of value being added to them. My 2p.[/QUOTE]
So are you suggesting deleting old threads? And it's tuppence by the way:)

I think your question needs to be less vague.
And as always use CODE TAGS it tends to get you more help if people can read your code.

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I am becoming annoyed at the amount of responses on this site saying (something along the lines of) "This thread is 5 years old, please leave it alone.".

Then there is often the response (again, something along the lines of) "Please search the site before asking a question that has already been answered.".

Surely updating an old post regardless of the period of time since the original post, will help anyone searching the site to find the required information without starting a new thread (making the search quicker for the next person i.e less hits).

Does anyone else agree or am I out on my own here?

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I have sent a memo to the PM asking for the Scottish team to be let loose in the wild then hunted by men on horses with a lot of dogs. He has yet to reply.:(

So if isprime equals true then the output is "Not prime"?

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Sorry if i'm in the wrong forum but here goes:

Does anyone know how to restore a Toshiba Satellite laptop back to the factory settings?
The laptop did not come with any back-up discs.

So what have you got so far?

ok x=46.63
x = 100 x // same as x=100 ie x now equals 4663
google [I]casting in c++[/I]
then work on ints using modulus

edit: the number i used was just random

No. double x=23.56
iny y=(int)x
then use %

I did! The question was, does anyone know how long the delay is expected to last.


so convert everything to cents
multiply up by 100 convert to int, use %, then convert results back to double

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