need help with a program

let A= A(1), A(2)... A(1000) and B =B(1),B(2)... B(1000) two vectors (one dimensional arrays) comprising 1000 numbers eacht that are to be added form an array C such that C(I) =A(I)+B(I) for I=1,2...1000. Using the IAS instruction set, write a program for this problem. Ignore the fact that the IAS was designed to have only 1000 words for storage.

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i need help here to. anyone to help us ?

no i dont mean write this for us i mean could you help explain if you dont wanna help then just move and quite sending stupid links.

commented: If you read those "stupid links" you'd know why no one has answered this question. -1

THIS seems to be the source document on the IAS, I think. Seems a rather arcane kind of an assignment.

Ezzeral's comments were quite correct in this forum. If you want help, the normal way is to show your work, show you've made effort to solve the problem, then others will provide assistance. Getting snippy won't win you any friends.

ok here is my work

0 load m(96) add m(95)
1 stor M(96) load M(970
2 ADD (M95) STOR M(97)
3 LOAD M(98) ADD M(95)
4 STOR M(98) LOAD M(100)
5 ADDM(1100) STOR M(2100)
6 LOAD M(96) STOR M(4,28:39)
7 LOAD M(97) STOR M(5,8:19)
8 LOAD M(98) STOR M(5,28:39)
9 JUMP M(0,0:19)
95 1
96 100
97 1100
98 2100

Here is my work. is this correct ?

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