hi guys

i doing my b.e.(cse). as a part of my curriculum iam supposed to do
a project. i thought for a long moment and decided to do a project

is this possible in real time???
if yes plz guys help me.

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do you mean computer A controling a USB device on computers B, C, D, ... which are all connected on the same network ? The only way I can imagine that happening is if computer A sends instructions via sockets (or some other way) to a program on the other computers and those computers do whatever is necessary to control their own USB ports.


wat i thought was
connect all the systems to a network
my program will b in d server
it vil load d program in startup to all its client

my program vil do nothing but listen to the usb port
once a h/w is detected it sends a msg to the server
we can access the usb device only after admin,s permission

is this possible? if yes can u tell me the way in which
i can implement it?

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Coming back to your question you ofcourse can do this. All you need is a windows service application which would run at bootup and keep searching for USB devices via the available USB controller.

once detected you can use the User's Privilege Account from the LDAP server and authenticate it, If the USER is allowed to access the system with a USB device ot not.

But if you take my opinion this would be a time taking task that will make the user wait even if he/she is authenticated.

I would recommend you to creata a windows service that would run locally in each system and just access user policy rights from the Current User registry key and make necessary allows/denies as per the priviledge level defined in Group Policies
In case your network is down any day then even authenticated users' wont be able to access the USB devce if you give prefernce to the Netowrk model.

Rest you decide as per your requirements.

Finally all these can be done simply by editing the Group Policies. You need not even write a program for it. If you want to know more about it refer microsoft support in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555324/en-us. this adm file once configured in ur LDAP server will let all its clients have follow this policy.

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