Hey guys,

If I could get hold of a couple of sonar sensors would ther be a way to code for a such a sensor? If so what language would be recommended?

You'd need to give us a lot more information. Do the sensors have some kind of firmware API already? What format does it output in?

Hey Ken, thanks for your reply.

Heres more information.

Basically i'm wanting to obtain data from sonar and a speed sensor. All these sensors hopefully will produce data in some form or another. This is then passed to a computer and then processed together.

I've not got hold of either sesnors, was just wondering if i could be pointed into a direction that would help me in this matter.

I dont know of many if any websites that sell sonar senors and an API to go with it..

Google didnt produce many good results on this matter.

Well, why don't you contact the sensor manufacturer and ask them? The question has no general answer -- it totally depends on how they are made.

This is one module for a particular application.

Maybe it's just the transducers you need http://www.sunrom.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=74
Here's a circuit using such transducers

To answer your question, you could interface the sensors to a computer.
You normally interface the sensors to a microcontroller and then to a PC. It depends what you're doing.

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Thanks for all your help guys, eps Colin :) I'm looking at purchasing an Amtel board to help me in my embedded studies. Basically I'm trying to get an aircraft to self fly.

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