Im not sure If I should post this in this forum but anyways If it shouldnt be here please pardon me

I have a problem here, I have to design and develop a software for Clothing company which sells clothes, either use account, cash, credit exchange, returns and so forth

So now the problem is I have to select one of the technologies, probably between Java, C#, VB.Net and C++, so my problem is I have to choose one and motivate why I have chosen this particular programming language, so what I need to know is, is there possible language I can include to the above languages that is used to connect to the database if so which is it?

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You can connect to a database with any of those languages; not positive about vb.net, but I would expect so.

From your description it sounds as if youre developing a POS system, which is something I am currently doing. In which case I'd look mainly at how you are going to connect to the db and other hardware.

For a choice of language I'd go with whatever you know best and offers the best libraries for what you need. IMO C++ is not the most suitable language here as rapid devlopment would be more important than speed. I'm using Java & MySQL using spring & jpos.

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That was helpful, thanx man
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