I need to make a big-theta notation on an algoritm I made. The algoritm is soposed to find factors of a number. This is the algoritm implemented in java:

public class factor {

	public static void main (String argv[]) 
		int number =(Integer.parseInt(argv[0]));
		int counter = 0;

		for(counter = 1 ; counter <= number/2 ; counter++)
			if(number % counter == 0)System.out.println(counter);

I figured the theta notation to this is: \theta (N)

The problem is now that i need to express big theta as a function of of the length of N (the number
of bits in N). I have no idea what I am supposed to do here? I would greatly appreciate if anyone could help. :)

The length of N is 1 + floor(log_2(N)).

Thank you. That was really helpfull :)