Hi guys

I am doing my computer science dissertation on the complexity of navigation within mobile phones. Therefor for this i need to program a menu for a mobile phone which will help reduce time taken to locate functions within the phone.

I wish to implement a search facilatated menu which will dispaly the search results. The function names will be held in a SQL database and be connection to the database will be JDBC, i therfore would like to know what language i should use to implement the menu for the phone.... i was thinking of WML but that is directed towards WAP pages on mobile phones. I am very confuse as to what to do

Any suggestions would really help!

Thank you
nelly :)

Which phone OS are you targeting? Symbian? PPC? Palm? Something else? If you are just going to use a 'plain old phone' you will have to see what kinds of development kits you can get for them; SQL may be a stretch!

My suggestion: Find the phone OS that runs the phone(s) you care about and see what THEY offer.

well i was going to use the NOKIA 6210i sdk for implementation, but i was told by some people in order to use WML to implement such a feature i would have to write the drivers?!?! and also if i was using a phone with the symbian OS which is quite complicated.

Ya, it is a serious investment in time. PPC is easier because it is "mostly Windows" and you can use wizzards and samples to get most of the way to where you want to go.

Hey Friend,
i hv to modify mobile's os to make new menus .. how can i do that can u help me


Hey, First of all u hv to take dicission upon what kind of O/S u wnt to develope for. If it is Symbian and some others then u can also tke help of Nokia SDK tools and in genaral i want to prefer you go with WML. It's upon your logic, how u want to implement.:cool:

well i need to do this menu optimization for low cost handsets like Locosto from Intel .. the part i m ineterested in the one in which we communicate with sim applications..

thanx regards