Fellow designers,

I am currently in the process of designing a software program that, from my research, does not exist. The program will basically function as a combination of, at least, 3 existing programs...MS Word, PPT, & Media Player.

The end result is a program installed on a PC that displays a presentation as text, images, audio, and/or video or a combination thereof. I could basically create email that contains the above media, but the level of tackiness would be overwhelming. I am attempting to provide a level of elegance and professionalism to an all-in-one program interface.

For example, lets say a family would like to create a virtual family scrapbook. The presentation would contain many text messages specific for several family members or main messages for the entire family, a main presentation for the entire family, and a series of audio, video, and images clips for added effect. As stated above, these technologies exist as stand-alones, but not in one complete package. Lets now say over a period of time you would like to add to these presentations or create a new presentation. The user could upload the media to the server and then the server would distribute the media to the desired recipients. This is one of the many examples I can think of.

Hopefully I have explained the desired outcome, now I need some help. I'm guessing this program can be designed using a few different languages, but I think c++ might be the way to go. However, I don't have much to base this on. Also, if anyone knows of a program already in existence or needs a better explanation please let me know.



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Two things:
1. It's excellent that you have ideas for software. But never ever post the complete concept in a public forum, because the internet is a mean environment, and any good idea that you post will be stolen, for sure.

2. If I understand your idea correctly, everything that you describe can be done in Power Point



My idea is well concealed, but thank you for the advice.
PowerPoint is slide-show presentation software with functionality geared toward business. I am looking for something along the lines of webshots, combined with adobe, combined with media player. Not to mention, I want the program to be able to receive new and updated presentations from a server. There is no program like this out there, therefore I would like to develop one. If someone sees my idea and develops a program before me...more power to them, but it's not a new idea. And since I don't personally code computer programs, I don't have any other option.


No ideas? So much for Daniweb. Does anyone have at least a better forum I can go to?



>>So much for Daniweb. Does anyone have at least a better forum I can go to?
What do you mean "So much for Daniweb"? Do you have any idea how large and complex an application like this would be? I can guarantee that you won't find a forum out there that will do anything but laugh at you unless you can provide more than a concept. Not to sound rude or anything, but the very fact that you started this thread proves that you're not capable of developing the software yet. If you don't even know what languages to use, you're not ready to write something that in the business world would take teams of experienced professional programmers thousands of man-hours to do.

"So much for Daniweb" is rude and arrogant to an extreme that I haven't seen before, and I work closely with salesman who personify arrogance.


Well. As a matter of public interest, I'm not a programmer nor will I be programming this project. But this is neither here nor there. All I asked for was a language to code in. I studied a few languages at the entry level in college so I know there is a "best fit" for applications when it comes to choosing a language. But no one has even provided that. SO I say to you Mr. Dogtree, a concept is what I have provided; a language is what I ask. From this forum I seek of nothing more, but obviously have been provided much much less.



I'm sorry you feel that way. You can go elsewhere and you probably won't be missed. To answer your increasingly rude question, I would probably use a combination of Visual Basic for the user interface and C++ for the back-end processing. But, since you clearly aren't going to be writing the software or encouraging someone to write it for you, the question of what languages to use is strictly theoretical.

Goodbye, and I hope you find a community that thrives on veiled insults, as that seems to be all you can offer.

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So true.
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