a friend of mine and I want to know what ip adresses are specifically and what they can be used for my friend has what he considers to be a very useful ip for the main comp that runs the school he wants to know what he can do with it if anyting and by the way if this hel;ps theres a firewall at his school i dont know the name of it but i thinks its preventing him from reaching this site so i am doing it for him. if the name of the firewall is pertinent to any answers i might recieve i will request it of him.
Thank you

An IP is a four byte address representing a network node (ie. a computer or network) under the internet protocol (hence the name, IP). IPs are used for locating other nodes on a network to establish a communication link. Without an address, it would be very hard to find a node. Each byte can have a value in the half-open range [0..256), so there are plenty of unique IPs to go around (though with the explosive growth of the internet, a new IP protocol has been devised called IPv6).

What do you mean your friend has a useful IP? Is he trying to hack a system or something?

its preventing him from reaching this site

Duh, they block all dirty content.

yes i think he wants to hack it but he is only good in some areas and completely uneducated in some areas of hacking... for example he is really good at editing games but sux at, well, using ip addresses. thx narue for the info btw. and im curious, what is the dirty content on this site?

I was joking. None of us will help you with your friends hacking attempt. I can't believe you would even think we would help you or your friend do something like that.

ok thx for that info i didnt know this was a non-hacking community i personally dodn't hack as far as harming computers my abilities are limited to making minor changes to games usually thru the programs provided by the gamemakers (i.e. Map editors)
i promise not to ask any questions of a black hat nature (i think that's the term) as i personally wouldn't know what to do with them