Does anyone know where I can have access to SHA-2 algorithms?

Preferably, in Java but C can also do.


openssl is open source.

Uh... what do you want this for?

Oh, sorry about that, I'm going to use it for encryption

I need to run some tests and wanting to see if there are available algorithms I can use, since I don't exactly know how to make an SHA-2 algorithm on my own

If you're writing production software, you should use openssl or gpg or whatever -- you shouldn't be calling cryptography routines yourself, and especially you shouldn't be writing them, unless you know what you're doing. And if you're wondering if you know what you're doing or not, then you don't. Of course, how does one learn then? Well, if you want to play around, though, be my guest :). There are implementations of the various SHA-2 algorithms online -- just search for "SHA-256 implementation" on a search engine, for example.

which sha2? all of them?

i can send you files/links if you want, where i wont get penalized for it