Please help me to build a list of examples of stack and queue in real life situation...

The object concerned must only one object.
And the object must be tangible.

Queue (FIFO): The bullet in a machine gun..(you cannot fire 2 bullets at the same time)
Stack (LIFO): The tennis balls in their container.. (you cannot remove 2 balls at the same time)

Please help me I need more examples..
At least 10 examples

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Use your brain. This problem is practically begging you to have some level of intelligent thought. They didn't even ask for programming examples, they just asked for examples. Are you really that dumb.. ?


Stack - you have a hole, and put things in it that are approximately the same diameter as the hole. IE, LIFO.
Queue - you have some beads and a string. You put one bead on one end, and take one off of the other. IE: FIFO.

Clear yet?

Clear yet?

With one post 2 years ago asking for other people to do their thinking for them, I'm willing to bet that the OP has long since failed. ;)

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