Hi, I am a future undergraduate and am looking at a Computer Science and Information Systems degree. And I have a few questions..

Is this degree in demand? Is it a respectable degree? Should I get some work experience in school before applying to a big company?

The program I am looking at does a lot of Programming, and Math up to Calc II.

Any other useful bits of advice would be appreciated!!


EDIT: It is a Bachelor of Science degree

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Respectable to whom? I wouldn't care about your degree at all -- I'd look for interesting projects, demonstrating intelligence, that you did during your time in school. Employers aren't going to say "oh, he has a respectable degree, he must be good" -- unless they're bad employers. Ultimately the question is whether you're good at programming or not.

But, generally speaking, a degree with a name like "Computer Science" rings better than "Computer Science and Information Systems."


Thanks for that info

And yes, I meant respectable to an employer.


Well, I am not really sure.

I am still in high school so I am still trying to get my bearings straight. Maybe Google? Or working as a IT guy for a small business.


I guess I am going to find no help here, I will just post in another forum.

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