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I read that code reading will enormously boost your programming skills.
Since my skills are very low (even with practicing tutorials), i want to try code reading.
Because i think this is where my weakness is. I have problems in understanding what happens with value or where it will be past to.
Im here now to ask if someone knows a good webpage that have like very small snippets of codes ((best would be java) in flashcard form if possible) that let you figure out what that snippet of code mean or do and shows you the solution afterwards.

I was not able to find something like that by my own but im sure something like that exists since it is so essential in programming and everybody recomends it.

Thank you in advance...

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>>I read that code reading will enormously boost your programming skills.
Nope. It might help sometime, but to get better at programming you need to go program.
Of course seeing someone else's code might trigger something in your brain for the better.


There is also nice web site called DaniWeb which has lot of nice code snippets. Wellcome to Python forum for example.

Also look the final solutions given to some solved threads. It is even could to understand the bugs that others have made and how they can be fixed.

Learn from others mistakes and example, but real learning comes from debugging and teaching.

Happy coding and debugging!

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