I have problem :?: in my assignment about developing Automated Internet Reservation (AIR) system. I attached the question along. If someone could give me ideas, suggestions or answer, will be truly appreciate. Hehe thank you so much ! ;)


FlyAway Plc is a new medium-sized airline company, which has rapidly grown to become a market leader in medium and long-haul international flights operating from Northern Europe. Due to their expansion and success, FlyAway is seeking to implement an on-line ticketing and seat reservation system, via the World Wide Web. This is to attract business and internet-enabled customers as part of a strategic plan of the organisation. 

The company has recently put out a call for tenders and as an independent Software Engineering Consultant in charge of a staff of twenty, the following systems requirements have been faxed to your office. 

Automated Internet Reservations (AIR) System

FlyAway Plc is seeking to provide their customers with the flexibility to book their travel requirements via the World Wide Web (WWW) using an internet browser (for example, Microsoft Explorer or Netscape Communicator). Since FlyAway Plc operates a large fleet of aircraft for medium to long-haul scheduled flights, it is important that the customer is notified of the availability of an airline seat to their particular destination, as soon as possible, while they are on-line. To achieve this, AIR must integrate the JETS (Joint Engineering and Task System) database which details the operational status of each aircraft, and also the CABS (Carrier Aircraft Booking System) database which is the ticketing and seat reservation database. Both of these databases are centrally held in the head office in London.

The user should be able to specify the date, destination of travel, preferred choice of departure airport, and preferred seat location  all within a web page. This information is subsequently to be used to check seat availability on the CABS database and also to verify flight data from the JETS database.

After submitting their flight requirements, AIR should present the user with availability details about their flight : available on date, unavailable on date, economy class ticket, business class ticket, departure airport, destination airport, etc, etc. Credit card payments for seat bookings using the CASH (Currency Automation and Secure Handling) system are also to be incorporated into the design of the internet-based ticketing system. The latter module is a pre-written package, which FlyAway Plc commissioned prior to the start of the AIR Project.

AIR will, from time to time, provide the company with a detailed reports of customer profiles of how many users have accessed the website and what travel requirements they have chosen (e.g. economy or business class, connecting flight information). 

FlyAway Plc has stipulated that such a system must be operational within 12 months, and should be revenue-producing within 18 months of this tender to contract.

End of Statement of Requirements for AIR


Question 1.

(a)	Select a life-cycle model that you would follow during the development of the AIR software. Give an outline description of this life-cycle model and justify your choice of model.

(b)	Describe the dependability measurement attributes, which could be applied to the AIR software. For each of the dependability measures you describe, evaluate its importance in contributing to the overall software quality.
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Hi Kakashi,
You have to find out in such a scenario, which kind of SDLC will be best to use and why. Either Waterfall Model or Rapid Application Development or Prototyping Model or Sprial model etc.


I have problem :?: in my assignment about developing Automated Internet Reservation (AIR) system. I attached the question along. If someone could give me ideas, suggestions or answer, will be truly appreciate. Hehe thank you so much ! ;)

i also having the same problem would u helping me the assignment


The very first thing that should strike to both of you having the assignment is you need to think yourself as the end user of the AIR system and look for the features that you would llike to avail. Once that is done you will realize the scope of AIR system.

When you realize this first step then you will have to decide that are you clear with all the requirements or not. It is extremely important to be clear with your requirements then only you can choos the SDLC model. If you think you are not clear with all requirements you should always proceed with Prototyping.

As far as dependability measures are considered I'm not technically aware of the term. Could you please throw some more light over it.

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