I am trying to remotely connect to my mac that is at home. It appears when I am on my network, I can ssh into it without any problems whatsoever.

If I try and ssh outside of my network it displays an error saying "Connection failed" Is there a way to remotely access my machine (That is always left on)?

Thank you :)

Hey phorce.

First off. The SSH problem is because of that your home Mac is not configured for outside SSH access. If you do so you can remotely access but I won't recommend since you will have a lot of trouble with security even though Macs are safe to use.

Anyway. If you want remote access I say give Teamviewer a shot. It's a remote desktop access app and it's very useful. When you have Teamvier running on your home Mac, you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Good luck.

In addition to what can_surmeli said, you router will probably block incoming requests from outside the network. Have you enabled port forwarding to your Mac?

Well, you can connect when both PC's are on the same network because there is no conflict as it recognizes the network but you definitely cannot connect when you exist on another network because you computer at home wont be seen