Hi guys,

I want to create a relatively simple web application. For now, let's just say there's one user of this app. He gets assigned an email address of user1@mydomain.com. The idea is that the user can send an email to that email address with either text or a picture attachment. The app will basically display the data in chronological order with a timestamp and either the text or the picture. The user can quickly scroll these notes.

I know this is possible because there are some web apps out there that are doing something very similar - like SpringPad. How can I do this? How do you send email data to a server or store it in a database or something of the sort? What would the process be called?

My thoughts are that it would go something like this:
Email received w/ photo -> Timestamp and filepath get stored in a database under that particular user, photo gets stored on the server -> App reads data back from the database

I have no idea about the technical process between the first and second steps though and could use some light on how to learn more about it. Different approaches are definitely welcome as I have limited knowledge of this space.

Thanks for the help!