I have root folder called "My Root". Its content some other file like message.txt and image.jpg.I made a zip file using 7zip in different methods.
I want to know what are the different between those methods..

First Method
I select & right click on image.jpg into image.zip and drag other file into image.zip
then it rename as "myZip1.zip"

Second Method
I select all file in root folder & right click on any file.then create zip file & rename as "myZip2.zip"

I know there are some different in that files.But I don't know what it is?...
Plz explain me what happen in there...
Your answer is highly appreciate......

Why does it matter?

And if it does, ask the developers of 7zip. They are the ones that designed the program.

Its arise on my working places....
There are some diffident.. Its not only for 7zip.. Its also possible to WinRar..
Any way thank for listening me...
Any other answers...??

what do you mean by "Different compression methods"
do you mean compression methods used by 7zip & WinRar or compression methods that I had follow...??

Sorry for being unclear. WinRar [possibly] uses different compression method than 7zip. They each have different compression ratio. If you want to see which one is better for what input, then try them both and pick the one with the smaller output size. Think of them( WinRar & 7zip) as being two products for the same thing.

Oh...thank for it & i'll check it.
But my purpose is something other.. I want to know what are the different that I followed method..(using any single compression software)