Hi all
sorry if this is in the wrong catogory i cant find were to put this thread

Right my question is? How do you Test a Toaster using Quality assurance knowleadge

whats steps do you take what requirements should i make what test cases should i use...
obvilously am gona test it working like it should toast bread and not such that i drop it from a high building or spill water in it and then check if it works not that kind lol

i know i can make my own requirments for this but i need to know how to start what to look for and where to go from there

can you help me with the requirments at least soo i know what to expect then start moving from there

is anyone with any software testing knowleadge that can help me please

The questions you've asked are the purpose of the "How would you test a toaster" interview question:

  • Can you think logically through the requirements for the toaster?
  • Can you devise testing steps that put the requirements through their paces?
  • Can you think of plausible edge cases that weren't considered in the design?
  • What standard QA processes would you use to handle all of this?
  • Are you consistent and thorough throughout the entire process?

These things are what interviewers are looking for, not so much the resulting test plan that you might produce in practice.

thanks deceptikon for the reply

abit more info on why am doing this
your correct is for an interview but iv been told to make an powerpoint presentation on how to test a toaster

and it doesnt matter if I dont have any IT testing terminology if am not familiar with it, as long as I respond to the instructions, "tell a good story" and use your common sense.

so anyway
just to clarify myself
from your bulletpoints

i should look at what requirments are needed for a good toaster
how would i test those requirments what steps would be taken
what would be my tests cases
what testing methods would i use i.e. balck box testing and ...
did i get the expected results as aim for in the requirments

if what av written above is correct should i present them in that order or would you
think i should mention my test cases after av talked about the test methods am going to use...