What software is used to record interaction with the my computer?

I have seen this from time to time on YouTube where a software engineer or a graphic designer wants to record an instructional lesson, he can record this computer interaction for later playback.

How is this done?

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They will use a keystroke capture program that intercepts all of the keyboard, and probably mouse, events so they can be played back. There are a number of programs available that do this. It should be noted that many viruses and trojan malware programs do this also, so the perpetrator of the crime can see what passwords you used to log into your bank account, for example.

Uh no, they use "video capture software."

Well, there is that too. For Linux there is the recordMyDesktop program, which will record your screen as a video. I have used it from time to time. I'm sure there are similar tools for Windows.

Uh no, they use "video capture software."

Well, the original post said "What software is used to record interaction with the my computer?", which to me means the user input as well as the screen output. If you capture and playback the input (keyboard and mouse), then you should also see the screen output as a playback. I used to use sMercury Interactive's LoadRunner (Linux) and WinRunner (Windows) software for system testing that did just that, in order to test GUI programs.

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