Hey all;

I've been reading SICP and been wanting to write code from the book and the solutions to exercises and execute that code. I find MIT-GNU Scheme, the recommended interpreter, to be very confusing and very slow or impossible to use. I can't even get some of the basic keyboard shortcuts to work. PLT Scheme (Dr Scheme 4.2.5) throws up error messages all the time, even if I copy right out of SICP (it can't seem to understand 'nested' definitions). I want to get the SICP-type Scheme interpreter working on, say, Notepad++, so that I can type easily and test the code easily as well the editor itself via the standard 'Run' button. Are there any solutions available for this?

Someone suggested I write a plug-in myself, for PADRE (Perl IDE), but I dont think I can do that yet. Any help is appreciated.

Dr Racket works well, as does repl.it. I can get on with my scheming now. Thanks a lot for your help ahmadajmi.
The Google group looks helpful also.

That's great, Have fun reading SICP!