Hello. I'm developing a computer software, an Intranet Supply Management System. I know what the main system's function will be. But i'm having a really hard time figuring out how will be the flow of the program. So basicslly, i'm asking y'all guys with your guidance, instructions, or even your opinions about it that will be the best for my system. Suggestions will be highly appreciated as well.

I know it's very cranky to ask this. But, i just want to know what will be the suitable program flow for my system. At least, the basic main idea in a Supply Management System, well generally speaking.


Why haven't you told us anything about it yet? Especially if you know what the function(s) will be, tell us.

It is very difficult to give you an idea because different systems may have different requirements involved (including restrictions & constraints). When you said you know the main system function, does it mean you know only the abstract level of the process? Or you know all details of it?

What you may need to start is to break down the process and group those smaller pieces (components) together as much as possible. If there are any shared components in your process, you may not try to put them in any specific group but rather separate them for the time being. Once you are done, you may start working on the process flow. You will need to know all constraints at this point... Just my two cents.