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I hope I could find help about plotting graphs. My problem is I have a device which alows me collect some data and transfer it throught USB. Then I will interpret that data using c or c++. I would like to plot such data on a window on windows enviroment or linux. The library would allow to pick a convient graph such as scatter plot or bar. Would you able to recommend any library which would be just for the problem?

Thanks to good people in advance!

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Thanks for the reply rproffitt. It worth knowing about such library. It seems the library allows plotting into external window but it does not allow to draw into the main window. I want to draw couple graphs in the same window in different locations of the window. Also I want make a look like window like a control panel where you observe different processes and you have controls to control such processes. There is a way of achieving by using cvi labview libraries but they are not free.

I am familiar with mfc. Would that mean I would to reload the image every let say 25 times a sec to avoid flickering because i wanna plot real time data. Now i am getting the idea.

Many thanks

While it may work, your last reply added new information or requirements.

While GnuPlot will get it going, you can use that while you gen up some line charting and dot plot routines.

sure I could use general dot plot routines with MFC, that means extra work and my expectation was to get something already invented - something feels and looks nice.

Gnuplot certainly hits the mark on free, already invented with a lot of examples at http://gnuplot.sourceforge.net/demo/ HOWEVER it appears your specs were moving later in the discussion.

For me, Gnuplot would stand in till I got my own working. In the meantime it allowed me to work on the other areas of the apps.


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