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A very common beginner level simulation is 'rolling a die' or 'rolling a pair of dice', using rand() to get random values in the range 1.. 6

See what you can do coding something like a guessing game with that idea firstly.

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thank you very much indeed , I appreciate your help.

And do remember, we DO NOT do your homework for you. There are plenty of online resources about simulation software and how to do it. If you want our help, make an effort, post your code along with your problems and errors here, and then we can make the effort to help you. Just remember, most of us have day jobs. In my case, my time is worth around $100-$200 USD per hour, so remember that when I try to help you.

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thanks a lot for your advise , And sorry for taking your precious time.

Hi Alfadil,
If you get stuck, please post what you have tried (and any error messages) so we can see where you are at and how to help you.
Shalom shalom,
P.S. Thank you for the 'up-vote.'

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