Please i need your suggestions on how to design a system that will diagnose malaria or typhoid by accessing a number of symptoms.

Thanks but am after building a user interface together with an inference page where I can decide if it is malaria or typhoid depending on the symptoms. Looking forward to an answer.

Sorry Ojelabi but given the current medical system for detection, I could be wrong but are you thinking you can detect these diseases without using the slides and usual workups?

Let's say you do have a protocol that you want to automate. Did you write your paper and have it peer reviewed? I mean I'm not a doctor but have had work in and near doctors to know that you can't just wing this. What's your basis for this diagnostic system?

Thanks for your concerns sir, it will not completely replace going for a lab test the system is meant to quickly diagnose a patient where a doctor service may be insufficient, then after the system have been able to decide thereafter the patient will go for test to confirmed

Sounds like you are at least thinking this through. To get to this app, you need to at least do the basic work that all medical procedures go through. You write your paper on the new or better system then get it peer reviewed.

Have you done this? Or is there no paper yet?

I have carried out a brief scope and statement of problem, and sketch a flow chat. I have designed an algorithm too but having problem with the decision section that will decide if a set of symptoms chosen by a patient is for malaria or typhoid . don't mean to bother anyone just not clear about that. Thanks sir.

Since it's just a sketch. You need to meet with the usual board of physicians to get them to tell you it's OK or not. Folk's lives will depend on this and since it's an app that you wrote you have to tread carefully. That is, write your procedure document, design the screens, the questions and the decision tree. Once it's all in paper or say a PDF then your board or physiciams gives it go ahead.

I've seen folk want to write medical apps but get wiped out over the work you do before you code.

Thanks sir

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