Can someone help me with coding in R ? I am new to R and I need to solve this project. It has been so many days I dont find a solution.
This is the problem :

You are an online movie and concert ticket service. Visitors go to the service’s website, read reviews, watch cinema schedules, choose a show they like and buy tickets.
Marketers of the service ask you to help them optimize advertising costs.
You have at your disposal data about service visits, orders and advertising costs.
Analyze the data and answer the questions:
How many people on average visit the service daily, weekly, monthly?
How many average sessions per user per day?
How long does an average session last?
How many days usually (fashion) pass between the first visit and the first purchase?
What proportion of visitors is buying something?
How many times on average does one person buy tickets within 6 months of the first purchase?
What is the average service check?
How much money does each buyer usually bring in 6 months from the first purchase?
How much money did the marketers spend on each ad channel?
How are the costs paid for each ad channel?
Which advertising channels should be turned off, and which ones should be invested more? Argument the answer.

That project should be attempted over a few days if you are a seasoned R programmer. If you are new to R then you would allocate time to complete courses then begin the work.

Is this homework? If so then review the classwork to this point as your class should build up to this assignment.

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