Hello, I am a student at Reedley College and I am working towards a career in Computer and Electrical Engineering. I know what it takes to be a computer engineer through web page information and brochures but I would like to know more.
I have attended the Institute of Technology in Clovis, California and have earned my A+ and Network+ certifications from CompTIA. I already have the basic knowledge of computers, like being able to setup a home network, or upgrading the computers hard drive, but my interest in computers has grown deeper, beyond being able to perform these simple tasks. I would like to know what it takes to be a computer engineer from the knowledge and experience from someone who has day-to-day experience.
I was hoping that you could help me out by answering some questions I have included. Any information you can provide for me will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
Questions about computer and electrical engineering:

5) What is the easiest part about being a computer engineer?
4) Do you work in a group or by yourself?
3) How many projects do you usually work on during a month’s time?
2) What types of projects do you work on?
1) What is the hardest part about being a computer engineer?

5. Sit and watch
4. Group
3. 1-4
2. Image processing, wireless networking and diff. S/W development
1. To detect error or enhance some one else code