I need to find the information about Client machine's Information like :
Avaliable sapce on clinet's machine ?
RAM size ,
Operating System,
Is any way we can find this values . heard on some blog that by using Active X control we can get it but didnt get information about that control.
Anybody knows about such type of control ?
Please guide.
Thanks in Advacne.

I know that the operating system name and version and the browser name and version can be easily fetched without using any activex component (the browser broadcasts this info automatically)... In PHP there are plenty of articles on this issue... for example: http://techpatterns.com/downloads/php_browser_detection.php

As for the activex component... I'm sure you can do this but you'll face security problems... the user needs to allow your activex component to run on his machine before you can get the info...

Good luck :)

As we are using this functionality for our internal purpose so there is no issue ..Can you tell me Active X control information ? Do you have nay link for the same purpose ?

I tried to search on net i can find separate drives also...but all are showing the size of each drive..
I need to find the free size on the drive.

Is that possible to get the free (available size) on each drive on clinet's machine ?

please guide.

I'm sorry I don't have specific links to components that do this... Google around... Good luck :)

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