I wanted to know if there was a difference, if there is a difference between computer information science and computer science. I started as a computer engineering student but found out there was hardly any programming involved, so I decided to take on software engineering, Since my school has no undergraduate software engineering program. I'm now a computer information science student. Please tell me if there is a difference and if so what are the pros and cons.

Thanks in advance


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Why don't you read your school's course catalog?

Why don't you read your school's course catalog?

Don't know if you were trying to be smart Rashakil but I would read my school's catalog if they had computer science available at my school (only computer information science). I didn't make it this far in life by being dumb. I wanted to know from people who where actually in the fields specified. So if your not in either one of those fields then you can't help me.

Why don't you read some other school's course catalog?

Why don't you read some other school's course catalog?

Why don't you stop posting on this thread if you can't help me *Rashiki!!!!

Computer Science and Information science is quite different from each-other. In computer Science you are truly dealing with computers it's hardware and software both . I had done my graduation in Computer science. We have to study quite a broad range of subjetc than Information Science guys. We have Algorithm , Programming Language and all the Stuff what Information Science guys studied with that we also have Micoprocessor , Assembly Language and Computer Organisation and all hardware related stuff. If you want to do PHD or become a scientist you should opt Computer Science otherwise if you want to be an engineer or a software guy you can go either for Computer Science or Information Science.

Well I also had a similar doubt. What is the difference between IT and CS. These two are taught as seperate subjects in my state. Computer information science is almost similar to IT. CS mainly deals with cos computer theory rather than practial stuff. They learn about OS architecure, compilers and Databases. In IT they learn about the internet, modern programming languages and multimedia.

CS = codes
CIS = business application
both are learning about computer, but CS is more to how does these applications are made. while CIS is thiking to the business application, how can we use these applications.. :)

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