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I wonder if anyone can help out a newbie. I am trying to understand the difference between passing variables by reference or value. This is what I understand so far:

1. Passing parameters by value is when the variable is copied into the parameter list of a function or procedure. The value is independent and remains unchanged when passed.

2. Passing parameters by reference is when a value being passed is linked to the original value. THis means that the original value can be altered.

I am not sure on what occasion you would use what and for what reasons...I would be really grateful if someone could explain this to me...

Thanks in advance!

Potsuki :)

hi potsuki
well........almost all exams of c or programming
language had asked this question...........
well to begin with call by value.
it is used when u don't want to
change the contents of a variable permanently
well to understand this u 1st have 2 understand the
concept of pointers or memory locations..........
in call by value u ar passing the copy of variable
changing it in the called fuction doesn't effect the memory loaction of
the variable.........but in case of the call by refrence u r passing the
address of the variable......so any change wud b a permanent change
as u practice more u wud urself understand when 2 use which 1.


Hi Frank

Thank you for your repsonse. This has helped me to understand this more.

Thank you

Potsuki ;)