i really need help! i dont know what theses i should make for my final year in college. i'm having a hard time... is there anybody could help me??? i'm planning to make a TIME KEEPING PROGRAM for a certain company,but i dont know what programming language i should use.is there somebody outder who could help me?if u have a TIME KEEPING PROGRAM please do lend it to me.. the documentations, sample output, context diagram, and the coding/program itself.. please help me.. im desperately need it...
please.... :cry:
email me asap at belldandy_8@yahoo.com
mobile number: 00639182455036
thank u in advance... :cry:

btw, im from the philippines.. please help me....

if u have a TIME KEEPING PROGRAM please do lend it to me.. the documentations, sample output, context diagram, and the coding/program itself..

Sounds like YOU have to define it YOURSELF. What do you want it to do? It keeps time. Great. Does it simply read the system clock before doing something and then read it afterwards? That's below your level, isn't it?

Hello Maan,

We can't!

You are asking us to send our completed work for you to accept, perhaps adjust a bit, and then submit it as your own. That causes 3 problems: you failed to learn something, it is unethical for us to do for you, and it is unethical for you to accept our work.

We can offer ideas, but anyone who responds with a completed project has shortchanged your education, and with the ethics involved, could get you thrown out of school.


Let's take a look at what you did maan:

1. Violated the rule for creating a thread. You always give a detailed name to your thread that explains what you're after. Pleas for mercy and crying for help as the name of the thread are not allowed. An example of what's allowed is the new name of this thread.

2. Double posted. Not one minute past where you could've modified your post. Posting right after a previous post of yours is not allowed unless your edit button is grayed out.

3. Asked for the easy way out without even trying. There's a lot of good people willing to put in their valuable time but you have to show some effort. You asking for a man's work after they put in many hours of work into it is bad etiquette and also against the rules.

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It doesn't matter if you're from the Phillipines or from Mars. You have to obey the rules of you'll be banned. If you obey the rules, you'll get better responses and people will be happy to help you.

hi everyone,
I am not very sure what your main process is about but you can use c++ or rapid-q or vb. What you can do is when the user tries to do a certain task in your program just capture the hour,min,secs and write them individually to the disk kinda like a winzip log thus the user or administrator can have access to this file either by open default or by user authentication.

Yours Sincerely

Richard West