It has been a long time since I have programmed anything. Grew-up in the 80's using basic.
I am currently somewhat fluent in JAVA(R) but I need some help understanding the current state of databases.
I am developing a cd that needs a stand alone database for the Java program that I am writing.
I am using WindowsXP.
What is a good database that is simple to use?

I know this is a generic question just let me know what I am leaving out and I will fill in some detail.


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hmmm. I know nothing about Java.... what file types can it accept?
I assume that it can take in text - comma/tab delinated files, so almost any DB program can provide that sort of output.....

It depends on whether you need the DB to ge with the Java, or just to start it off with a DB back end...
Let us know more, and you'll find more help!



I would suggest that you go for MS ACCESS to design ur database as it is one of the easiest tool you can use

You can also use Oracle if you have got a basic understanding of databases

And then if you write a Java program, you could connect your application to the database using JDBC/ODBC

I think this information could do. You can just visit the website www.java.sun.com and can learn a lot

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