I am going to work on the sales and purchase module of an ERP.I am facing problem while designing the database.I want to do sales and purchase with respect to bedspread.

Kindly give me a general design with respect to tables and their attributes

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Your requirement is not clear, you want to sell bedspread to customer ? First try to write down the full story. You will require a table for bed another one for customers possibly.

Thanks For Giving Me Support

I want to know how many tables are required for sales and purchase of bedspread
Just like



I am not able to stream line these tables

This database design is for a WebSite which runs with in the organization which are in different locations. When Some Sales occurs SalesOfficier enter the sales and when some purchasing will be done PurchaseOfficier update the database.

What are the Entities that take part in this sales and purchase.
Kindly Help m

I am not too clear on what you are asking for, so I shall give you a solution to what i think it is, if i am wrong, post back with further queries.

First of all what tables you need depend entirley on what information your company is interested in retaining. I will assume all and you can delete as nesseccary

First of all there should be a person and a product table:
PERSON (person_ID*, name, start_date, end_date)
PRODUCT (product_ID*, name, description, price, colour, weight, size, stock, start_date, end_date) //add more fields as nesseccary

if you want to keep track of your staff make a staff person table:
STAFF_PERSON (sp_ID*, staff_ID, person_ID, start_date, end_date) //assuming a staff table exists already

Then you are going to want a customer table:
CUSTOMER (customer_ID*, person_ID, name, start_date)

Then tables to connect customer to person and customer to product:
CUSTOMER_PERSON (cp_ID*, customer_ID, person_ID, start_date, end_date) //this is to keep track of your customers names and other details that might be in the person table
PRODUCT_CUSTOMER (pc_ID*, customer_ID, product_ID, staff_ID, start_date, end_date) //this is to keep track of which products have been sold to which customers. (I put the staff_id in this in case you need to know who sold it for commision)

This is only a very simple solution, but I think it will give you the gist of what needs to be done. If you need more help with, or I didnt answer your question then just repost here and i wil get back to you.

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