Hi there.

I'm looking for a bit of advice.

I have a lookup table (tlkOrganisations) which has only one field (apart from the ID) and it list orgnisations. I'm using this for a field within a form so that I can use it as a lookup combo.

The advice I'm looking for is., What would be the best way of updating the lookup table. It's possible to add a new organisation to the combo field within the main form but this wont update the lookup table and invariabley wont update the combo selection.

I was thinking about a Organisations popup form to update. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want to avoid having to go to the datasheet to update.

you can put a button beside the drop-down thingy that says something like [update users]
this opens a form that allows you to add to the table. the [save] button you create will save the row and then close the form and then reopen the first form.

voila'! your new user is now part of the dropdown list.

there is a way to do this programatically in vb, but... can you program and spot errors in logic and sytax as you type?