Hello I got a nice one.

I have 2 MS SQL 2000 databases on the same server both are almost alike.
Both have an items table with the field searchcode

I want to copy the searchcode from db1 table1 to db2 table1.

So something like this:

use [db1]
select itemcode,searchcode from table1
use [db2]
update [db2].[dbo].[table1] values ( select itemcode,searchcode from [db1].[dbo].[table1] )

Only this code doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!

The itemcodes are equal in both tables!

I want to schedule this to run every night.

This is just an example, but if I can do this, only 1 database needs to be maintained and the other database gets updated every night!

Anybody any ideas?

Thanx for any replies!


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The syntax for the update statement is incorrect. Have a look in BOL to find the correct statement syntax.
You have the right idea with the [DB_Name].[dbo].table_name. I have used this technique a number of times.


To: RamyMahrous
Tried replication, can't do it because an extra field gets added to the table and the software who reads the table rejects that.
Good to hear that I am on the right track, will have a look, when I find the solution I will post it

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