Howdy All!

Here's what I have and what I'm trying to accomplish. I have four reports in access that I run once a month. The reports are designed to hit on a query that pulls the records needed for a specific client based on the previous calendar month. Basically, each client gets four seperate reports that are run on the last calendar month.

Currently, when I run the reports, I'm having to type in the variables each client along with the date range for the prior month four times. What I would like to accomplish, is a form that would allow me to select a drop down list from the client information, and then a date range option so that I can run each of the four reports without having to retype the variables.

The client information is static and doesn't change from month to month. I can do a simple list table to make that drop drown selection for a form, where I'm stuck is on how to get that form to populate the variable information and drop down list to the query the reports are based on.

Any suggestions at all would be great!