hi all,

i have two tables, table1(id, name, address) and table2(id, phone, email, status). now i want to fetch data from both tables and display in a table. what i want is data must be fetched from table1 and table2 when the status in table2 is 1. if status in table2 is 0 then it do not fetch data from table2 but shows data of table1. can anybody tell me how can i fetch data in this case.

help me please.

Gitesh Chawla

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You probably want to use PHP for this.

$q="select * from table2";
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($r)){
            $q2="select * from table1 where id ='$id'";
            while ($row2 = mysql_fetch_array($r2)){
            if ($status == 1){
            echo "$name - $address - $phone - $email";
            } elseif($status == 0){
            echo "$name - $address";

I think your logic is flawed. We must look in table2 to find out if status = 1 or not.

In your original request you said you did not want to fetch the data. I think you meant that you did not want to "display" the data.

Anyhow the above code should do what you want.

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