Girlfriend would like to learn about MySQL. Can you recommend any book that purely deal with MySQL? No adds on as PHP or any other web developing technology? I know there are many sites with great tutorials but she insist on book so I have the "pleasure" to find the best

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I always consulted MySQL Manual and Google and never read MySQL book. Did you look at MySQL Press books?

If you can get one from 'Unleashed ...' series from SAMS Publishing, i think it would be great.


SQL for dummies is a good book to start with the ISBN number is 0764501054 it might have a bit of an off putting name but it is clear and easy to understand; from this book she should be able gain a good understanding of how to use mysql and it does not get to technical for beginners.

this book helped me and a few of my friends while we where in uni just getting to grips with mysql. the more advanced books just take it that you already know the basics which is never good when you start out.

i could do with getting another copy of it i need to brush up on it myself.

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