I want to put together a set of packages to help in unit testing PL/SQL code - does anyone know of any software ( commercial or not ) or books which I could look at for some inspiration.


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So far I've managed to locate utPLSQL, this seems to be based on JUnit type of Unit testing.
Seems to have most things, but fortunately seems to lack the main feature which I've been looking at :)
I've been working with unloading and loading XML to a database and one of the features I'd started to build in was the ability to compare the import file with the database. This goes beyond a simple table compare to ( for example ) an employee compare.


utPLSQL is a fine semi-automated testing utility for PL/SQL - I should know, I wrote the original version back in 1999.

But you still have to write lots of test code, so for the past two years I have been working at Quest Software on a new tool which automates almost all the work of testing your PL/SQL code.

I encourage you to check out Quest Code Tester for Oracle:


It is a commercial product, but definitely the most capable testing tool for PL/SQL out there!

Warm regards,
Steven Feuerstein


Thanks Steven
I had the same feeling about utPLSQL - although it's working with/for coders who should be able to code things quickly, there is still a lot to do!
I recently left my job as I'm a coder and not an infrastructure engineer as I ended up doing - but thats another story! So I've been working on mini projects at home - mainly aimed at Oracle PL/SQL, I recently finished my first project and so was going back to some XML load/unload Java code I'd started a while back.
This led me to think about how I've seen regression and unit testing done before - badly is the normal answer! As I've not used any tools so far I started to think about what I would want out of it, utPLSQL is a useful jump point to start thinking about how to get a testing mechanism which is driven by a set of database tables rather than a coded solution. This is more a home project than any attempt at a commercial product, but interesting enough to give me a challenge. I'll have a look through the Quest software although I think the front end is the thing that will be way better than anything I could do.



Oracle press has a great set of Pl/sql manuals.

Have you ever tried the software called TOAD? It is a really great Oracle application. I think it is downloaded for free

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