i am trying created a table on the server called images and when i text to see if the table has been created i get the message table already exists. as i did not develop the rest o the site i thought a table might have been created already called images. i looked through the code and there was no table called images.

i renamed the table any way just for ease and i got the same message. no matter what i change the table name to it tells me the table has already been created.

why would this happen?

it only runs through the code once when this happens so it cannot be trying to create the same table twice?

If you closed this thread you got the solution to your problem. Would you mind to share it with others?

i solved this thread by putting the create table on its ownpage and then only accessing the page when i wanted the table to be created.

the problem was being caused by the create table section was originally being set up once and then when i uploaded something to it the table the mysql was trying to create the table again.

so the problem was it was trying to create the table twice.

if anyone else has this problem try this solution before posting on here.

the code to access the page for the table creation is include "table_create.php"; where it says table_create change to the name of the page creating the table.