Hi guys,

I am a student on placement and I have created a database for a company. This database contains customer details, enquiries, orders and product details. I used joining 'line' tables to solve the many-to-many relationship between some tables but now i am having trouble using them. I have an enquiry table and an enquiry line table, now i am trying to create a web application with a form for the user to add a new enquiry to the database so it can be searched, updated or deleted. I have tried a few things but i am getting more and more confused about how to do this as information needs to be added, updated etc from both tables.

I m using ASP/Dreamweaver/SQL Server. (I realise now it would have been better to use Visual Studio but the projetc is too far along now to change)

If anyone had any ideas they would be greatly apprieciated!!!


(I am also posting this in the ASP forum)

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If your project geting complicated, it may need some structure changes, improvement in table relations. Yes, it does sound bad but there are cases when you need to start from scratch again and apply learned knowledge from previous mistakes.
If you do not like this suggestion, then workout current UML for your solution and try to come up with minor changes to simplify project without disrupting project structure