Hi All,
I work for a company where i have informations of all parts and their part numbers in the Database. But the problem is whenever someone else uses the database for getting the part numbers for the items they can easily change the information on the database without my permission either intensionally or unintentionally which becomes a big issue.

Does anyone know how to create a security thing which will only let the powered users like me or someone who is authorized to change the informations on the database and make only informations available to others without others being able to change any informations in the database??


The problem for you is others should only be able to select records not change ,right.

Its so simple you need to grant only SELECT previlege on that specified table to the users not full access.

Thanks for the reply..
But how do i grant the select privilege?
Other users should be able to open the data base and go through..But they should not be able to edit any of the entries...


What database software are you using? and how are people accesing this database?

Grant select, insert to [username] --for all tables
Grant select, insert on [table name] to [username] -- for specific table
Grant Create database, table to [username] -- give some permission to some users to DDL

Hi Guys, I'm using Ms Access database and everyone has access through the local server. I did manage to fix to a certain extend going to the security option and user level security wizard and it allowed me to assign different user name and password to all the users and also their access level permissions. It also works perfectly well when its in a single computer. But when i tried to add it in the server there is a different problem.

Access file ->rightclick-> properties ->security ->advanced -> and i get this box advanced security settings.

Here I think if i click on the check box below it should work properly and at this moment there is permission restriction for the gateway & everyone and just the administrator can have the full control. But me being the admin it wont give me access and recieve the following message.

in "effective permission" i tried giving control to all other users and still wouldnt let me..same message.

when i tried opening the actuall database file i get the permission restriction warning

"You do not have the necessary permissions to use the <name> object. Have your system administrator or the person who created this object establish the appropriate permissions for you. (Error 3033)
You do not have the necessary permissions for the specified object. To change your permission assignments, see your system administrator or the object's creator."

Can somebody explain whats goining wrong here?

Hi guys,
I finally fixed it and working perfectly well...
I actually had a wrong work group selected from the C driver rather then the one from the server as my database is a server based..
thanks a lot for the replies...

Its nice to know you got the acurate solution of the problem and your problem got solved.

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