Very new to data modelling and SQL etc and I am trying to get my head around normalisation & RDA. I have attached a document I am working on and I am trying to get to a third normal form, anyone out give me any pointers for my next step of the table?

Cheers up front.

Hello Hairymarble,

1. To all appearance almost every table seems to be already in 3NF, but

2. One cannot state anything about 2NF if no primary keys are given. So to proving 3NF is also impossible.

3. If you have to determine primary keys, you need complete set of functional dependencies. (Then you will be able to figure out primary keys by means of Amstrong axioms.)

4. Because every table lacks of primary key applying foreign keys is impossible. So nobody is able to determine the relationships (cardinalities) between your tables, as for example how is "Dependant" related to "Employee" (I assume this name for that table with PK Employee_Ref). This absence holds for almost every table (except of "Employee" and "Days worked").

You see, your tables need some improvements.

Furthermore, nobody here will agree to do filling out the table of your word document. It s your turn to start for doing this.

btw, what is RDA?