I need to check if a databse user exists and if not, create that user.

However, I do not know the statement to check if a user already exits.

How to check if a user already exists in MySQL?

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select user from mysql.user where user='  ';

you should have access to mysql DB to execute the query

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Thanks a lot.

Didn't see the 'mysql' database.

Hi tuse

How are you?

Thanks a lot.

Didn't see the 'mysql' database.

Well, if you had access to grant table mysql.user you would have also been able to
SELECT User, Password FROM mysql.user. You got it? Yes, you would be able to hack that
mysql database. So it's a good idea that not everybody is allowed to "see" grant table.

Happy hacking !


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Hi tesu!

I have (somehow) managed to see the mysql database!

mysqladmin -u 'user' -p 'password' status

this function returns 0 and a line if the user exists, !0 else.

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