Hey all,

I'm new to MySQL and never took a class in it. I have two questions.

1)) Can anyone suggest a good book to learn MySQL quickly.

2)) Can someone tell me how to set up a database that contains user accounts that can then be linked to other databases. For example: If I were to install PHPBB3 and MediaWiki I'd like to be able to share users between the two so that only one login is necessary. Then I'd like to store the data from each of those sites separately in their own databases or at least their own tables. I don't want to use any plugins for MediaWiki or PHPBB3 because this rules out expanding the site to include other types of pages.

Any help provided would be of great help.


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Thanks smantscheff. I guess what I really meant to ask in 2 was how would I go about creating a common user base that would be generic enough to be valid for not just Mediawiki and phpBB.

Start with mediawiki, install the plugin mentioned above. If you need to store more information about your users, add columns to the user table(s) as necessary - they won't interfere with the applications. - A generic user base which fits every purpose is an unlikely beast. If you run an online shoe shop, you have to store the feet sizes of your clients, if your application is for used car dealers you might want to integrate a criminal history of the users into your app. So "generic" is hard to achieve.

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