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Just a quick question from a noobie!

If i have a DB mirrored...if I apply schema changes to a table in the primary mirror db...will the secondary mirror DB get updated? or is it just data that get's mirrored?

Thanks in advance

DB mirroring means what ever changed you do on primary DB will also get applied on Mirror Databases

that includes DB structure and data

obviously both is possible as you can read on http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/sql/2005/technologies/dbm_best_pract.mspx

Database mirroring maintains a hot standby database (known as the mirror database) that can quickly assume client connections in the event of a principal database outage. Database mirroring involves two copies of a single database that reside on different computers. At any given time, only one copy of the database is available to clients. This copy is known as the principal database. Unlike log shipping which works by applying full transaction log backups to a warm standby database, database mirroring works by transferring and applying a stream of database log records from the principal database to the other copy of the database (the mirror database). Database mirroring applies every database modification that is made on the principal database to the mirror database. This includes data changes as well as changes to the physical and logical structures in the database, such as database files, tables, and indexes.

You should consider that database mirroring has been supported since sql server 2005, SP1.
All server (principal, mirror, witness) must be correctly set up and configured.

happy mirroring :)