Whats wrong with this query?

					TIMEDIFF(TIMEDIFF(u.hour_end, u.hour_begin),(u.hour_pauze)),
					TIMEDIFF(TIMEDIFF(u.hour_end_o, u.hour_begin_o),(u.hour_pauze_o))
			,'%H:%i') AS total,

I get the error:

#1305 - FUNCTION system.DATE_ADD does not exist

BTW: I am using version 5.0.51a.

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that s true ! try it without _


When I try that, I get the same error, but without the '_'.

Can it be that my query is wrong?

Edit: I have checked and double checked that part of the query, but I do not find a wrong statement in it.

Could you check my query?

You should never believe me, but I have used spaces in my query between the function name and the parenthesis (and then mysql says: function does not exist, because that extra space ' ' after the function(!)).

But my query does not again not work.

			TIMEDIFF(TIMEDIFF(u.hour_end, u.hour_begin),(u.hour_pause)),
			TIMEDIFF(TIMEDIFF(u.hour_end_o, u.hour_begin_o),(u.hour_pause_o))
				) AS total
	hour AS u 
	DATE_FORMAT(u.hour_begin, '%H:%i') != '00:00'

Now it says, that I should have a syntax error, at line 6.

If you have some knowledge, can someone check that line?

Edit: I try to use ADDTIME and ADDDATE and so on, but no result yielded.

Edit2: I use now ADDTIME, and it seems working.


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